As a top Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer, I understand how important your pet is to your family. Taking a picture of your pet is just as important as taking a family photo. Your pet photos capture the moments that you want to remember forever. They are also a great addition to your home, cards, or newsletters. However, when it comes time to take these treasured pictures too many people try to do it themselves. When they do this they miss out on the many advantages a professional photographer can provide. In this article, we will identify the top reasons you should have your pet portraits taken by a professional photographer. 

Quality Pictures Takes Skill and Equipment

You might be able to take great pictures, but are they always professional quality? When someone specializes in pet photography they have the experience and equipment to guarantee that your pictures are photo gallery quality every time. They think differently than a regular person taking a photo. They are always concerned with things like composition and color. They will have different lenses available to maximize the lighting and details. A professional photographer can do things like take a picture of a black pet against a black background and still create a stunning photo. These are things you just cannot do with your regular digital camera or smartphone.

A photographer will also have the skill and equipment to touch up an image to make it perfect. They can remove people from the background or even remove a leash. They can enhance details and even the color of your pet’s fur. This ensures that your photos always look exactly the way that you want them to. One popular touch up effect is a blurring effect. The photographer can blur the background of the photo making it more artistic while increasing the focus on your pet. Some people have blurred themselves or their families in the background of their pet’s picture making for a very interesting photograph! 

Pet Photographers Know How To Photograph Animals

Taking a picture of an animal is very different than a human. Pet photographers know the difference and can use their experience to their advantage. This means they can get the best images in the least amount of time. They also know how to let the personality of your pet shine through the pictures. They take into consideration the personality of your pet as well as their lifestyle.

 For example, Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer usually understands the behavior of dogs. They know about different dog breeds and dog training techniques. They know how to interact with a dog in order to calm them down and get them ready to take an excellent photo. Many of them will also have other trained employees around them to help them during the session. If you try to take your pet to a regular portrait studio they most likely will not have the experience needed to photograph your pet. This only makes for a frustrating experience for you, the photographer, and your pet.

A pet photographer will also:

– Let your pet get used to the camera

– Take plenty of pictures

– Get down to your pet’s level

– Choose the best background or location

– Create a playful and fun environment

Using A Bergen County New Jersey Pet Photographer Is Easier

Taking a picture of your pet can be a difficult task. You probably have not mastered the art of holding your pet in place with one hand and taking a picture on your smartphone with the other. If you move away from your pet there is no guarantee that they will look at your camera for the photo. So to get them to look towards the camera you might call their name. However, when you call their name what do they usually do? Most likely they will come to you! This is great for regular day-to-day needs but not so good for pictures.

When you use a professional photographer you can sit back while they worry about doing everything needed to get the best pictures. They will be crawling on the floor or in the grass to get the right angles and lighting. They will make sure they capture the essence of your pet and their unique personality. You can focus on enjoying the moment.

With A Pet Photographer You Can Be In The Pictures 

When you do not need to take the portrait you can be in the photo. This allows you to capture the bond between you and your pet on film. The Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer can also give you instructions for taking a great photo. Selfies have their place but that is usually not hanging on your wall. When you want to be in a classy photo with your pet you need a professional to take the picture. 

Tips To Choose A Professional Pet Photographer

Here are some additional tips for finding the best Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer:

– Review their website: On the website you should be able to see their portfolio of previous work and get a feel for their process. You also will be able to see their rates and deals.

– Have a phone interview: When you speak to them by phone you can ask them all the specific questions their website did not answer. This way you can also make sure that you feel comfortable with them before scheduling a shoot. 

– Get referrals from friends and family: It is hard to beat a referral because they provide first-hand information. If you know that friends or family have used a pet photographer ask them about their experience. If no one you know has used one you can always ask the photographer you interview to provide you with a few references.


Your pet is an important member of your family. Having professional photos taken is one way to show this while capturing timeless memories you will cherish forever. There is no better way to take a picture of your pet than with a professional pet photographer. David Eric Photography a Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer provides many advantages over taking your own pictures. They will guarantee that you always receive the high-quality pictures you and your pet deserve. If you follow the tips provided above you will be well on your way to finding the best pet photographer. If you are ready to move forward with a Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer you can contact us at 201-880-5400  today and I would be happy to discuss all of your pet photography needs.

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