Top Reasons To Have A Bergen County New Jersey Portrait Photographer Take Your Family Photo written

Any Bergen County New Jersey portrait photographer can tell you how important a family portrait is. When you take a family photo you are really recording the history of your family. These are timeless memories that capture exactly who you were as a family at that specific moment in time. To make the most of these special occasions you really need to use a professional family photographer with the experience and equipment to provide you with the best family picture possible. This will ensure that you maximize all of the benefits of a great family photo. Here are the top reasons to have a professional family photographer take your family photo:

Your Children are Changing and Growing

It is no surprise that life changes very quickly. Just look back at some of the old pictures you probably have saved on your smartphone. Now think of how different your children look already in just a short amount of time. Your children grow up right before your eyes yet you somehow still tend to miss it. Life gets busy and we forget to cherish the moments. You might have hundreds of pictures on your phone but nothing replaces a professional picture with your entire family. This is a timeless keepsake that can be displayed proudly in your home. A professional photographer will make sure that you capture the essence and personality of your family so that you can truly capture a unique moment in time.

To get Everyone All in One Shot

If you look back at other family pictures you might start to notice something strange. One parent is usually missing from the photo. This is not a coincidence; it is because they are taking the picture! It is rare that you get a picture of everyone together because you need a 3rd party to take it. Asking a stranger can feel imposing and even if you use a friend or other family member their photography skills are probably iffy at best. With a professional Bergen County New Jersey Portrait photographer everyone can be in the picture and you can be sure the quality will be always high. There is really no replacement for having everyone together in one shot.

It is an Investment you Will not Regret

It is true that a family photo is definitely more expensive than trying to take a picture yourself. You will probably need to add in the expense of buying new outfits in addition to the fee that the Bergen County New Jersey portrait photographer will charge. However, there will probably never be a time that you walk by the wonderful picture on the wall and regret the decision to have it taken. Most likely you will always walk by the picture and smile. Moments are fleeting, belongings can be damaged or break, but a family photo is truly something that can last forever. That is one investment you can feel very comfortable making.

To Pass On to Your Children

Were you ever the lucky recipient of an old family photo from your childhood? These are great keepsakes and something that you probably shared with your own children. You grew up, moved on, and had a family of your own, but you still have a picture to remember the life you had before. Think about all of the warm and happy feelings that seeing this picture brings out in you. There is no doubt that your children will feel the same way about your family picture. People move on and even pass away, but our pictures remain. A great Bergen County New Jersey family photographer will be able to take a picture that is truly worthy of being passed on for generations. A family picture is a way to ensure that your family’s memories always live on, even long after you do.

Using a Professional Photographer

When you are considering using a professional Bergen County New Jersey Portrait photographer for your family portrait you should understand the many benefits that a professional provides. These include:

– Experience: A professional photographer will have extensive training and experience in working with families to take a great picture. Many photographers have really seen it all. They will be able to position everyone to capture the personality of your family and use lighting and effects to make sure everyone looks good.

– Equipment: A family photographer will have professional equipment like cameras and lenses that help to make sure that they always get the perfect shot. They are not using regular digital cameras or smartphones. They are using the latest camera technology to get the most out of every photo session

Props and Backgrounds: There is a lot more to taking the perfect picture than cameras and lighting. Many people know about lenses and lighting techniques but taking a great picture is more of an art. The right backdrop, whether it be in a studio or an outside location, is crucial. A professional photographer can ensure that the backdrop is perfect and you are prepared with any props that may be able to add personality and character to your picture.

– Editing Software: Here is one area that you really cannot duplicate yourself. Professional photographers have the technology and experience to touch up any photo and make it flawless. They are able to bring out the best characteristics of the photo and minimize any imperfections. A photographer’s job doesn’t just end after the pictures are taken. That is just the first step in making sure that your family pictures look great.


As you can see there is really no way to put a price on the value of a family portrait. They capture a moment in time when your children are a certain age and allow everyone to be captured in one photo. When you use a David Eric Photography you can be sure that you are going to receive a high quality picture which can be passed on within your family for generations to come. If you are looking for a Bergen County New Jersey portrait photographer to take your family picture, I highly recommend that you contact me today at 201-880-5400 . We can discuss your specific needs and get started on the one investment that I guarantee you will never regret. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about your new family portrait so please do not hesitate to contact me today.


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