Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Album


The Importance of a Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Album

Ask yourself this question, how many pictures have you seen from your parents, family, or friend’s weddings? If you are like most people it is not many. Your Photos might have seen them quickly on social media before they are  buried by other posts. Most likely your family and friends had a professional photographer at their wedding who took hundreds of pictures. So what happened to those photos? They paid a lot of money for a service and they are not getting the maximum benefit from that service. This is why a Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Album is so important.

What is a Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Album?

What we are talking about is not a cheap album that you pick up at the local department store a hope they last. This is a professional photo handcrafted album provided byBergen County New Jersey Wedding Album. Quality material is used to make these well crafted Albums. Professional Bring in a lab and bound only attainable by a professional. Remember, it is your photographer’s job to turn your pictures into timeless works of art.

The Problem with Most Weddings Today

The pattern that most newlyweds seem to follow today is skipping on the professional photo album. It seems like they think it is unnecessary or just not worth an extra expense. Most of the time they only request a few 5 X 7 prints of their favorite pictures for a frame and have the rest sent digitally or on a DVD. You start to build their family and have kids and those picture frames are filled with other memories. Meanwhile, their wedding pictures are never seen or heard from again. Children, family, and friends never have the joy of seeing the young couple walk down to the altar and pledge their lives to one another. Children never have the opportunity to see all of their parent’s family and friends long before they were born.

The Problem with DVDs and Digital Files

After you get the few professionally printed wedding photos you ordered what happens to the other hundreds that were taken? Many times they are sent digitally or on a DVD. There are many problems with this. These problems include:

– These pictures are generally posted to social media and then buried and never seen again.

– The DVD will sit in a drawer and be forgotten about.

– As technology advances, DVD and digital files may not be playable in 10 years.

– In 20 years most computers and laptops likely won’t have USB drives.

– Your children may not even know what a DVD looks like. 

– So you could store your photos in a way that makes them unusable to you or your family.

– If you try to print them yourself they will be low quality.

Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Albums are Never Outdated

While technology changes quickly a tangible and beautiful picture can last forever. Photographs, in our modern society, when processed and preserved well can literally last for hundreds of years. The two keys are processing and preserving.


Your photos need to be processed correctly. This involves a lot more than taking them to a local store and paying way too much for pictures that will be printed on the cheapest paper possible with even cheaper ink. These pictures will not last very long and will start to fade in no time. Is this the way you want to treat the memories from your special day? You have probably made a significant investment in professional photos and you deserve to have them last for generations. That is also why you hired a professional. A Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Album professional will develop your pictures in a lab using the highest quality paper and ink. Your photographer will treat your pictures with attention and respect like the priceless works of art that they are.


The best way to preserve these priceless treasures is in a professional wedding album. When you put high-quality pictures in a professionally bounded book, they can last for hundreds of years while becoming part of a larger work of art. Yes, it is true that photo albums can be slightly expensive, but they should be. This is not just an arbitrary purchase, it is an investment.

You already made an investment in a photographer, why wouldn’t you be willing to protect that investment by spending a little more.  When you invest in a photo album to preserve your wedding pictures you are avoiding cheap materials and technology that will one day be obsolete. Photo albums actually increase in value over time. Why, because you appreciate the memories more as the years go on. There is no better way to preserve your wedding pictures than in a leather-bound, custom-designed, and handcrafted beautiful work of art.

A Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Album From David Eric Photography

Furthermore, 25 to 30 years from now when you look back on your special day don’t you want to be able to relive every moment? If you make the space in your budget now you can be sure that you are able to do this. If money is an issue there is always other areas that can easily be cut to make a little more room. Remember, this is your wedding, and having pictures that you and your family can treasure forever is very important. Unfortunately, Time Magazine has stated that the current generation will be the most photographed ever, yet have the least amount of pictures. Technology helps our lives in many ways, but there is still room for old fashion touches here and there.

This album is also not just for you. It is for your children who will be thrilled to see their young parents on one of the happiest days of their lives. Your daughter will dream of being just like her mother or your son will want to someday be just like his father. Remember in 2040 when your kids go to the attic or basement where you have been storing that old USB or DVD they may have no idea what to do with it or have anywhere to use it.

The Job of a Bergen County New Jersey Wedding Album Professional Photographer 

A professional photographer has two main jobs: To take high-quality wedding pictures.  Most of all after the wedding turns your photos into timeless works of art. Let David Eric Photography do this for you. Contact us today at 201-880-5400 about our professional wedding album services and let us create the memories of your wedding that can be preserved forever.

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