Bergen County New Jersey Boudoir Photography

 Empowering Women Through Boudoir Photography

One of the most popular photography styles that customers are asking for today is boudoir style. A common misconception about boudoir photography is that it is just a glorified lingerie shoot.  Boudoir photography is many different themes and styles fused together. It is about being classy yet sexy. It is about merging both eroticism and elegance. Above all, however, it is about empowerment. It is about empowering the subject to feel comfortable in their own skin. Bergen County Boudoir Photography

Many women from all around the world have tried boudoir photography as a means of emboldening themselves. It is a type of photography that allows every woman to feel not only comfortable but beautiful no matter what body type. Through boudoir photography, a woman can get to see and herself in the same light that a spouse or lover might and get a sense of how sensual her body looks in an intimate environment.


Common Traits

Following features typically characterized Boudoir photography is:

High key lighting – This is meant to give a softened look to the woman’s skin

Shallow depth of field – This is to take the focus off of the surroundings and put them further on the woman, creating an almost dreamy mood

Implicit Style – While Boudoir may seem to have the emphasis on eroticism it is not explicit. Instead, Boudoir is meant to be more suggestive, even playful


Boudoir For One’s Self

Sometimes intended as gifts for spouses or loved ones Boudoir photos are something very personal and unique. Traditionally they were used as everything from bridal gifts, anniversary presents, or even photos for a husband at war. But sometimes a woman will have them made directly for herself. Sometimes they are meant as a keepsake. Other times they are done as a means of celebrating her body. And other times they are just for the fun of it.


Bergen County Boudoir PhotographyThe Process

Unlike many other types of photography, Boudoir is not just about the finished project. The entire process is about a woman taking control of how she sees herself or even seeing herself in a new light. It’s about taking everything a woman is usually self-deprecating about and making it into strength. The shoot itself is meant to be an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. It is both sensual and emotional because a woman can put herself into beautiful clothing and pose for photographs based entirely on how she would like to feel.

The relationship between photographer and subject is vital because the photographer must be able to improvise based on the woman’s taste and personality.  The photographer is not taking photos of a paid model who is posed by others but of a woman who wants to use her body language and her own attitude.


Letting Her Personality Shine

One of the best things about Boudoir photography is the way that it can allow for a woman’s personality to shine without inhibition. To an extent, there is also a bit of fantasy to boudoir shoots. The idea is to reveal layers of the character that may not typically see in their day to day life. A woman who is usually more reserved may have the chance to be more playful while a woman who is energetic may try something more low key.  A woman who usually likes to wear punky clothes may opt for something a bit more classically inspired. For many, it is a chance to let their inner pin-up girl out. It creates a contrast that lets the person the photos are given to see a new side to their loved one.

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Defying Age

There is a fear of getting older that many women face.  After the kids leave home, a hard-won career comes to an end, or a marriage reaches a decades-long milestone a woman can start to feel as if her prime is long gone. Boudoir photography for older women is a means for them to discover their beauty and bodies anew. A boudoir photo-shoot can help you regaining your ability to love your body. From birthing children to surviving cancer, many women have chosen boudoir photography as a sort of gift to themselves for having come so far in life.


Boudoir As A Sort of Healing

An unforeseen but especially unusual form of boudoir is made when victims of abuse use it. Women who have been physical, verbally, or emotionally abused and assaulted commonly have feelings of shame, self-hate, and worthlessness. Boudoir photography can be a way for abuse survivors to take baBergen County Boudoir Photographyck control of how they view their bodies. Reclaiming monitoring and ownership of her body can be an incredibly healing experience for a woman.

Sometimes feeling uncomfortable baring their bodies for the Camera, feel empowered afterward. In fact, it can be a helpful way to shed feelings of abuse. Taking back the sense of self-worth and confidence in her body, a woman can feel more powerful and in control. Every step of a boudoir photo-shoot is in the woman’s hands from the initial consult to the outfits. The photographer is simply there to guide, encourage, and capture what the essence of the Woman.



Boudoir photography is a great experience that a woman can do for herself. It doesn’t matter whether it a gift for a loved one, a celebration of herself, or a reaffirming of her sensuality. Like many things in life, it’s not the result; it’s the journey to it. Boudoir photography is a prime example of this because of the all-encompassing control, sensuality, and confidence a woman can gain from the process.


Bergen County New Jersey Boudoir PhotographyExperience It For Yourself

If you have found yourself curious about trying Boudoir photography but have not fully decided if it is right for you, then we are here to help. It does not matter if the photographs are meant to be a gift or are strictly for yourself. We will create the package that best suits your needs. We will walk you through the process, discuss the ideas and create photographs that are a celebration of you.

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