Pet Photography

Sure we can all take pics of our pets, but sometimes you want something professional.

When someone specializes in pet photography like David Eric Photography in New Jersey, they have the experience and equipment to guarantee that your pictures are photo gallery quality every time.

Pet Photographers Know How To Photograph Animals

They think differently than a regular person taking a photo. Professionals are concerned with things like composition and color. They will have different lenses available to maximize the lighting and details.

Additionally, a professional pet photographer can create custom camera effects, like taking a picture of a black pet against a black background, while still creating a stunning photo. These are things you just cannot do with your regular digital camera or smartphone.

David Eric Studios are pet photographers in Bergen County, New Jersey who will have the skill and equipment to retouch an image to make it perfect. We can remove people from the background or even remove a leash. We'll enhance details and even the color of your pet’s fur.

Our extensive editing capabilities ensures that your photos always look exactly the way that you want them to. One popular touch up effect is a blurring tool. The photographer can soften the background of the photo making it more artistic, while increasing the focus on your pet. Some people have blurred themselves or their families in the background of their pet’s picture making for a very interesting photograph! 

Using A Bergen County New Jersey Pet Photographer Is Easy

We can get them to sit still!

Taking a picture of your pet can be a difficult task. You probably have not mastered the art of holding them in place one-handed while taking a picture with your phone. If you move away from your pet there is no guarantee that they will look at your camera for the photo.

So to get them to look, you might call their name. However, when you call their name what do they usually do? Most likely they will come to you! This is great for regular day-to-day needs but not so good for pictures. We can get your pet to sit still every time.

Your pet is an important member of your family. Having professional photos taken is one way to show this, while also capturing timeless memories you will cherish forever. There is no better way to take a picture of your pet than with a professional pet photographer.

David Eric Photography is a Bergen County, New Jersey pet photographer that provides many advantages over taking your own pictures. They will guarantee that you always receive the high-quality photos you and your pet deserve.

If you are ready to move forward with a Bergen County New Jersey pet photographer, contact us today and we would be happy to discuss all of your pet photography needs.