Bergen County Animal Shelter

Bergen County Animal Shelter Pet Photo Days.........Thank You all who attended Bergen_County_Animal_ShelterWhat an overwhelming response to our 1st annual pet photo days event. I was truly touched by the generosity everyone showed to the pets at the Bergen County Animal Shelter.

There was such a large variety of pets that came through. The day started with my most challenging yet the most fun session. Three pure bred Grate Danes. They were the most gentle dogs I have ever come across. Then there were the dynamic dachshund duo. They were so cute walking in. I couldn't stop giggling at them coming down the hall. Another dog that I had fun with was a small white westie. He went through his entire routine of tricks for me to get a cookie. Then there was a large terrier mix that my daughter calls bandit. All he wanted was belly rubs. But what a cute little face. When working withBergen County Animal Shelter these different breed dogs you can really see the personality come through. I loved it!!!!


The other thing I was taken back by the number of senior pets that came in for photos. Most were blind & deaf and it amazed me how their owners would go out of their way to make sure that we got the right photo. There was even one black poodle that couldn't walk. But what a personality this little girl had. It really touched me how we all take care of our pets and would do anything for them.


Bergen County Animal ShelterRose, the director of the Bergen County Animal shelter couldn't thank everyone enough for the donations and wanted everyone to know it will all go to good use and is very much appreciated. The Bergen County Shelter gets more pets coming in these days than going out. She wanted to remind everyone that it is now kitten and cat season at The Bergen County Animal Shelter and are busting out at the seams with cats, but do have their fair share of dogs and other types of pets such as rabbits and birds.


I fell in love with the kitten I was holding there. And she is still available.

If you are looking to add pet to your family please visit the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro First. They are open Tuesday thru Sunday for adoptions. You just might be surprised how many little dogs are there.Bergen County Animal Shelter


I had so much fun with everyone. My little squirt was so mad at me when I got home. Take a look at some of the photos from the event....Enjoy.