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4 Thru 13

The Wedding Day

The Write Invite

Rather than ordering standard engraved invitations, why not incorporate some of your own great art? Uncover that fabulous drawing of a bride and groom you did when you were five, and do your invites on copies of it. Or unearth that letter you wrote when you were 8 years old, vowing to neverkiss a boy (except your dad and brother), and reprint that along with a picture of the two of you. Or, head to an old-school black-and-white photo booth and create a fun photo strip for your save-the-date notices!


Display your parents' and grandparents' wedding photos on the entry table or the cake table, creating a sense of history at your wedding.

Silent Stars

If your parents took baby movies while you were growing up, you could create your own video of the two of you as toddlers. Put it on a loop and let it run silently in a corner throughout the cocktail hour and/or reception; your guests will get to know you even better, and it's a great conversation piece!


Wear Your Heart on Your Chest

You've seen those computerized photo T-shirt shops at the mall. Why not have one at your wedding? Your guests will have an instant outfit to remind them of you whenever they wear it. You can also affix these photos to coffee mugs, plaques or plates. Depending on your budget, you can get the shirts or mugs pre-printed with the date of your wedding.


Blowing Up Baby

At the wedding, have childhood photos of each of you blown up into poster-size prints and mounted on a stiff cardboard sheets or foam-core board. Ask all your guests to sign the poster before they leave the reception. After the wedding, take your posters back home and hang them on the wall next to each other. We know a couple who literally created Memory Lane. They lined the pathway leading to their ceremony site with a clothesline-full of blown-up photos through the years.


Theme Shots

Why not give your guests some instant memories too? Hire a photographer with old-fashioned costumes and a yesteryear backdrop for fun wedding photos. Guests can don the costumes and pose in an Wild West saloon, an old-fashioned malt shop, or a Victorian parlor -- it could even match the theme of your wedding. The photographer can give your guests prints to take home. You can even have individual cardboard frames printed with your names and the date of your wedding to slip 'em into. Another, simpler option is to rent or make one of those stand-up flats with the bodies of famous people or cartoon characters painted on the front. Guests stick their own heads on top of the fake bodies (or stand next to the famous figure). Have someone on hand with a Polaroid, or just let guests use their own cameras.


Sweet Stand

Why let some ready-made bride and groom stand on your cake when you can do it yourselves? Cut out a full-length pose of the two of you from a photo and mount it on thick, solid board. Slide the board into a stand, and then stick yourselves right into the frosting. Or go professional -- a lot of photo shops offer these silhouette-style, solid photos.


Picture This

Use small picture frames as escort card holders. Slide the guests' escort card into the frames, and line up all the frames the way you would ordinary escort cards. Guests will take the frame with them to find their tables, and then take the frames home. Choose silver frames or pressed paper, cardboard-backed frames.


Parental Pride

Display your parents' and grandparents' wedding photos on the entry table or the cake table, creating a sense of history at your wedding and honoring them at the same time.


Scatter Shots

Help your friends and families get to know each other through a visual history of your lives. Scatter handfuls of both your families' photos on each table (or assemble a bunch on a big table in a central location, where everyone will be able to see it), along with a card offering short explanations of the scenes. Sharing your photos can help create the feeling of a shared past, something your families will appreciate, particularly if they don't know each other well yet.

Share the Shooting

Put a few disposable cameras on each table and ask guests to take pictures of anything that seems interesting, or give them a special scanvenger hunt with images to find (bride and groom kissing, cake cutting etc). When you develop the film later, you'll be surprised by what you find.

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