New Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill Inn Katie and Matt

 New Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill Inn Katie and Matt

  • Name: Katie and Matt Date: 05/17/13 Ceremony: Holy Family Church   Florham Park, New Jersey Reception: Olde Mill Inn   Basking Ridge, New Jersey Dress: Bridal Beginnings Tuxedo: Prima Tuxedo Entertainment: Sound Explosion Florist: Jardiniere Limos:DG-Limo Cake: Palermo's Bakery Ridgefield Park, New Jersey New Jersey Wedding Photographers: Jerry and Caroline Rizzo

Our Story

Matthew Walsh & Katie Phelps (May 17, 2013)  New Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill Inn Katie and Matt

Tell us how you first met? Who, what, when, where, why? Give us the dirty details.

Matthew needed data for his psychology experiment. Katie needed money for clothes shopping. These separate needs unexpectedly brought them together.

In order to complete his dissertation research, Matthew paid participants to come and complete his experiments. Katie, poor graduate student that she was, signed up for Matthew’s experiment to earn a little cash. When Katie arrived at the experiment, she immediately noted that Matthew was way cuter than any of the other experimenters and she regretted having worn her gym clothes to the experiment. Matthew had to attach electrodes to Katie’s head to measure her brain waves, and the two talked for a rather lengthy period of time while Matthew prepared her for the experiment. (Matthew claims he stretched out this part of the experiment so that he could continue to engage Katie in conversation.)

After the experiment, the two shared a prolonged goodbye, but neither was bold enough to ask for the other person’s contact info. Katie finally worked up the nerve to email Matthew later that day. Fortunately, she still had his email from the experiment. Her email read: “Hi! It’s Katie, your 9:30 lab rat. This email is probably inappropriate, so my apologies in advance. I was wondering if you would like to go for a drink sometime.” Matthew had been thinking about emailing Katie, so he was very pleased to receive her email. The two shared their first date two days later. Katie made sure she didn’t wear her gym clothes this time!

New Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill Inn

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?

There was never one “moment” when we knew. We gradually grew closer over the past several years.

Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning, how did you feel: nervous, excited, freaking out?)

The night of the proposal, Matthew told Katie that he wanted to have a special dinner at home, so she shouldn’t make any other plans. Katie thought something might be up, but it didn’t seem that unusual because Katie was preparing to travel to London for a five-month dissertation research trip. She thought Matthew just wanted to make their last weekend together a special one – and he sure did! Matthew bought roses and candles for the dinner, and after the meal he told Katie he was taking her on a rideNew Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill InnHe blindfolded her, put her in the car, and drove for what seemed liked 10 minutes. He took a lot of twists and turns to disorient Katie, so she had no idea where they were. When he got her out of the car, he took off her blindfold and she found herself at her favorite spot in the city of Pittsburgh: the Schenley Park overlook. This spot offers a beautiful view of the downtown skyline. Matthew and Katie were the only ones in the park, except for a few deer scouring the snow-covered ground for food. Matthew got down on one knee, brought out the ring, and asked Katie to be his wife. She enthusiastically said “YES!”

New Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill Inn

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other. Katie loves that Matthew not only understands and loves her for who she is, but he also challenges her to be a better person.

Matthew’s favorite thing about Katie is that she is such a kind, thoughtful, and loving person.

New Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill Inn

If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky about the other person.

Katie often has neurotic, unfounded fears at bizarre times. For example, she may suddenly fear that she has left the oven on at home and she’s unable to feel settled until she returns home and checks the oven.

Matthew has been an especially involved groom, at times even more involved than his bride. For example, Matthew would frequently check the wedding registry to ensure that Katie was registering for the best stuff. It was not uncommon to find him reading online reviews of vacuums, garlic presses, and pots and pans. He even had opinions on what kind of apron Katie should wear!

Besides getting married, what's the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Having all of the people we love in one place at one time. Matthew and Katie have a diverse set of friends and family from a variety of different places. Finally, all of those people will finally be able to meet each other.

New Jersey Wedding Photographers Olde Mill Inn

What's your favorite trend for weddings right now?

We didn’t do many “trendy” things in our wedding, but we did incorporate personal touches whenever possible. Our table numbers included pictures of us at those respective ages, our name cards included questions tailored to each guest, and we included pictures of our parents and grandparents in our decorations.

What inspired your decor or theme?

Blue happens to be Matthew and Katie’s favorite color, so they chose that first. They chose yellow and ivory because they were good accompaniments and felt especially springy.

What's one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning.

Don’t sweat the small decisions!


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