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Regardless of your religious affiliation, there are numerous ways in which you can personalize your wedding ceremony to add a more creative touch. If you're planning a religious ceremony at a church or temple, be sure to discuss all ideas with your officiant.
The following list incorporates some ideas to personalize your wedding ceremony:
•           Invite the bride's mother to be part of the processional. Have her walk down the aisle with you and your father. (This is the traditional Jewish processional).
•           Invite the groom's parents to be part of the processional also.
•           Ask friends and family members to perform special readings.
•           Ask a friend or family member with musical talent to perform at the ceremony.
•           Incorporate poetry and/or literature into your readings.
•           Change places with the officiant and face your guests during the ceremony.
•           Light a unity candle to symbolize your two lives joining together as one.
•           Drink wine from a shared "loving" cup to symbolize bonding with each other.
•           Hand a rose to each of your mothers as you pass by them during the recessional.
•           Release white doves into the air after being pronounced "husband and wife."
•           If the ceremony is held outside on a grassy area, have your guests toss grass or flower seeds over you instead of rice.
•           Publicly express gratitude for all that your parents have done for you.
•          Use a canopy to designate an altar for a non-church setting. Decorate it in ways that are symbolic or meaningful to you.
•           Burn incense to give the ceremony an exotic feeling.