Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

As the bride, you know all about gifts. After all, you’ve probably registered at a few different places (at least!) to coordinate all the new gifts you’ll be receiving with your new home. And even though you’ll generally be on the receiving end, there are a few gifts you get to give as well.
Bridesmaid gifts are a personal thing, to say the least. Unless you have extenuating circumstances, your bridesmaids are probably pretty close friends, and you’ll want to do something special for each of them. But what exactly should you do?
The truth is, you could probably do anything that sounds like a good idea, and you’d be set. While you certainly can spend a lot of money on your bridesmaids as a thank-you, sometimes a simple, well thought out gift says just as much. To get you started, here are a few suggestions:
Try to spend the same amount on each gift. This doesn’t mean you need to get each bridesmaid the same thing, but it’s a good idea to not let anyone feel left out or shafted.
Think about getting your Maid of Honor something extra special. She’s got a different title, hasn’t she? Well, there’s a reason for that, and her significance in your wedding (and in your life) probably warrants something a little extra special.
Enclose a personal note with each gift. This way, even though your gifts might or might not match, each of your bridesmaids will know how important they are to you.
Make your gift a little bit sentimental. Maybe you want to include a photo album of you all leading up to your big day, or even just a small trinket that will remind them and you of the good times you all had while planning your wedding. (You could even order a small, extra special something from Truly Wedding that coordinates with your wedding theme!)
Just remember that when it comes to getting bridesmaids gifts, there is no right or wrong answer. Just make sure it feels right to you, and they’ll love whatever gift you choose to give!
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