Rockleigh Country Club | New Jersey Wedding Photography

Name: Casey and Eric

Date: 10/19/2013

Ceremony: The Rockleigh Country Club Rockleigh New Jersey

HAIR Le Grand Salon & Spa

MAKEUP Toni Landserg, Salon 141

Reception: The Rockleigh Country Club Rockleigh New Jersey

Dress: Designer: Allure Couture; Store: RK Bridal

Tuxedo: Rothmans

Entertainment: Craig Scott Orchestra

Limos: Cat Limousine

Cake: Le Petit Gateau

New Jersey Wedding Photographers: Jerry and Caroline Rizzo

New Jersey wedding Photography

Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty Details.

Eric and Casey met the summer going into their Junior Year of college in New York City at bridesmaid Ashlen's 21st birthday party. They were introduced by Rachel (another bridesmaid) and Jay (groomsman). Though sparks flew, Casey returned to school at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania and Eric to NYU. Shortly before graduation in 2007, they learned, that coincidentally, their first jobs landed them in the very same office building in midtown Manhattan. Pleasantly surprised by this, they decided to meet up for after-work drinks shortly after starting their new jobs, and they've been together ever since. Another piece to the puzzle? They also happened to intern in the same building the same summer they met, and like a scene straight out of the movies (this was after meeting at the party!): Eric passed her in the office building's palacial lobby and while Casey didn't acknowledge him, Eric turned around like a gentlemen, and stopped to say a quick hello. Little did either of them know, they'd be engaged to be married one day. In August of 2013, they celebrated their six year anniversary (until their real anniversary comes after the wedding!)

New Jersey wedding Photography

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?,etc.

There was no "moment" so to speak, but roughly 2 years into the relationship, we both knew this was it. It was natural, it was a mutually shared feeling/sentiment. We were meant to be together and we both just knew.


Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?)

It was a random Wednesday night. Eric had recently finished taking an exam that had been taking over his social life, so to celebrate his return to normalcy, his parents, Roni and Stanley, came into the city to meet Eric and Casey for a nice dinner -- or so that's what Casey thought. Casey had been running late after a long day at the office. When she finally got home to meet Eric before going to the restaurant, he opened their apartment door, asked her for her phone and her purse, grabbed her hand and walked her into the living room. Confused at what was happening, Casey asked "are your parents here?" Eric smiled, got down on one knee, and proposed. In utter shock, Casey dropped to her knees, cried like a baby, and funny enough, never actually said "yes." After reveling in the special moment together, Eric had another bomb to drop. He said to Casey "but there's one small thing". To which Casey, elated, and not caring less what that "one thing" was, said "What is it?" To which Eric replied: "Both of our parents are meeting us for dinner at Ben & Jacks Steakhouse, but...your parents don't know about the engagement." Casey's mouth dropped. But luckily, after breaking the big news to Casey's parents when they arrived at the restaurant, Nancy and Doug couldn't be more overjoyed. The night continued with a lovely dinner in a private room, just Eric, Casey, Roni, Stanley, Nancy, and Doug --- the new family.

New Jersey wedding Photography

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

Casey's response: What I love most about Eric is that he loves every part of me, the good, the bad, all of it. He sees me at my best and my worst and he loves me all the more because of it.

Eric's response: What I love most about Casey is that she is truly a genuine and kind hearted woman who gives everything she has to her friends and family.

 Besides getting married -What is the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Dancing, dancing, and more dancing all night long!

New Jersey wedding Photography


What is your favorite trend for weddings right now?

My favorite trend for weddings right now is "the first look" which I know has become more prevalent over the past few years. We are a couple that doesn't want to miss a blink of our party so getting as many photos done before the ceremony as possible is a priority for us.

What inspired your decor or theme?

I think what inspired our decor/theme for the wedding the most was actually our own personalities. As a couple, we're very classy, sophisticated, polished and we really wanted to reflect that in our decor and that is why we chose a very elegant look -- our decor consists of all whites, golds, champagnes, very simply yet classic colors and themes.

New Jersey wedding Photography

What is one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

That it's this much fun ;)

New Jersey wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photography

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