Bergen County Wedding Photographer at The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor Hazlet NJ

Name: Joan and Brian

Date: 04/10/2015

Ceremony: St Marys South Amboy NJ

Reception: The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor Hazlet NJ

Dress: Demetrio's

Tuxedo: Dante Tuxedo

Hair: Salon La De Da

Makup: Salon La De Da

Entertainment: Absolute Celebrations

Limos: VEI Limo

Florist: Jacqueline's Florist

Cake: Palermos

New Jersey Wedding Photographers: Jerry and Caroline Rizzo


Tell us about the bride Where you grew up went to school, where you work.

Joan grew up in Sayreville, NJ. Graduated in 2007 from Sayreville War Memorial HIgh School. Went to Monmouth University , graduated 2011, and studied Math with minor in chemistry. She also played on the golf team there. She currently works at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield as a Data Analyst, since 2011.


Tell us about the Groom Where you grew up went to school, where you work.

Brian grew up in Perrineville, NJ. Graduated from Peddle School . Graduated from Brookdale in 2009 for Automotive Technology. Currently Brian works at World Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram as an Automotive Technician.

Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty Details.

Joan worked at golf galaxy in Woodbridge , NJ. Brian's father also worked there. After a year of Joan working there Brian's father, John, decided two hook the two up. He asked Brian if he wanted to meet a nice girl and gave him her number. Brian texted Joan and they haven't stopped texting since.

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?,etc.

Brian knew Joan was the one when she said she's ride roller coasters. Joan knew Brian was the one when he fit right in with her family. Also Joan knew, when Brian built a custom coffee table for Joan's college house , it was and still is incredible.


Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?)

Brian proposed to Joan in on June 28 2015. Apparently he had been planning it for years. We went to Hershey park for the weekend . Joan suspected something was up but wasn't sure, she knew he was planning some surprise. The night they got to Hershey the hotel screwed up and sent the "Romance Package" with champagne and strawberries to the room a day early. Joan was thrown off though, and though that was the surprise. The next day at the park, they went on rides and Joan's parents and niece were meeting them at 10. Joan and Brian went on the Hershey Kissing Tower to wait for her parents and in line Joan 'patted' down Brian jokingly to check for a box with a ring. She found nothing. Finally we went on the ride , Joan was looking around and listening to the history of Hershey park when Brian reached into his pocked and inside the camera case he hid the ring. He "kind of " got down on one knee (it was cramped in the cabin) and looked at Joan. Joan , shocked, said "oh no". Then Brian said "Will you Marry me?" Joan said " yes" the ride was over and they got off the ride and began calling people. Joan was very nervous to tell everyone but wanted to wait til her parents arrived to tell them. Joan's family knew and after the vacation had a small surprise party waiting for them at home.

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

Joan loves Brian's ability to do anything. He's ingenuity is amazing. He constantly impresses me with his understanding of physics and how things work. He can do anything. Brian loves that Joan is up for anything especially when it comes to roller coasters. He loves that she is his other half and makes him so happy. He also loves her eyes.

If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does.

Brian loves to ramble on and on about roller coasters. We call it "opening Pandora's box" if you ask him about them. Its also party of the incredible wealth of knowledge Brian has that amazes Joan .


Besides getting married -What is the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Having a party with all of our friends and family and loved ones. Also its Master's weekend so we're looking forward to some golf on TV!

What is your favorite trend for weddings right now?

The use of Pinterest and Etsy. It has made this whole process easier and more creative.

What inspired your decor or theme?

Brian's favorite color is orange so Joan knew she wanted orange incorporated but green is Joan's favorite color and the two colors don't go well together. Joan loves purple, its her birth stone. On pinterest purple and orange weddings are very oddly beautiful. The theme quite traditional , like Joan and Brian but we have little quirks that represent us, like the roller coaster save the dates, the roller coaster flutes, the Cinderella cake cutters, & the jeep flower holders.

What is one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

Nothing yet

Why did you pick your Wedding Venue, What Attracted you.

The room . When we walked into the main ballroom we both said " Wow" . That's the only place it happened.



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