Tips for Save-the-Dates

Save the Date Cards are all the rage right now and becoming very important as people's lives get busy and busier. Many brides ponder the necessity of “save-the-dates” as they compile the expenses that pile up during the planning process, but they do have their purpose within the framework of the wedding. Why should you bother and how should you go about creating and distributing them? Read on for a few quick save-the-date tips:

Out of Town Guests: Save-the-Dates are particularly important for your out-of-town guests. A typical wedding invitation won’t make it to their front door in time for travel plans and timely accommodations (especially if your nuptials fall during a holiday or high-travel season) – they need to know well ahead of time that they should be planning for your big day. There is such a thing as “too early,” though – ten to six months ahead of time should be plenty warning for your far-away kin.


Wedding Website: Your save-the-date is a great place to display the address of your newly-formed wedding website. It doesn’t have to be perfectly formed yet, but allowing your guests to check out a few details can’t hurt (such as hotel locations, any rooms you’ve blocked out, registry info for bridal showers, etc.). Giving your guests your wedding website will also let them gauge the formality of your event (just make sure it’s reflected in the pictures and formatting of your site!)

Etiquette: Save-the-dates come with their own set of etiquette rules, so tread lightly. Save-the-dates are not like graduation announcements – everyone who receives a save-the-date must then receive an invitation to your wedding. The same goes for the reverse – make sure if you plan to send out save-the-dates that everyone invited to your wedding receives one. If not, the people who don’t get one will feel “B-listed,” like they weren’t originally intended as guests. For save-the-dates, always air on the site of inclusiveness!

Some Creative Ideas: Save-the-dates are fun because you can be so creative with them. Many brides opt for postcards, magnets, or even video clips to stand as their save-the-dates. Go crazy! Just make sure that if you are going to DIY your save-the-dates, try to keep it simple. 200 chalk board photo frames sounds wonderful until you’re staying up until 3am with a hot glue gun and the end of your rope.

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