Wedding Day Taking it from Good to Great!

 Wedding Day, Taking it from Good to Great!

 Your wedding showcases your personality, the person you have selected to share your life with, and the people who mean the most to you. It is a time full of celebration and enjoyment, unless you are in it all on your own. Lucky for you, you are prepared. You have hired great photographers so those moments captured forever. Picked your favorite songs so you can feel those warm and fuzzies. Hired a wedding planner so that you can smile, and be present on this special day. You understand the importance of having someone there who has your back. It enables you to:

 Wedding Day

  • Be Stress Free!

    • Leave the stressing to the planner. She will be responsible for waking up at 5am and calling the makeup artist to confirm she is running on time. Wouldn’t that be great?Wedding Day

  • Those pesky little Details

    • Wedding Day planners have been through this before. They have checklists, solutions, and experience, and that will help your day run smoothly. Does the DJ have your ‘first dance’ song? Your planner will make sure so all you need to do is sway to rhythm of that magical song, awww.

  • ‘Go To’ Person

    • Your Wedding Day planner is the go to source, the one person to handle any request that comes to mind and she is responsible for getting it done. This is not asking a favor or hoping for the best, this is reliable.

  • Presto Change-o

    • When human mistakes happen, the wedding planner can step in and adjust for them – what if the priest forgot the father was to give a blessing? Your trusty wedding planner have the solution and make it happen.

  • Execution
    • Your Wedding Day   planner will make sure that what you get is what you paid for and what you planned. Did they put out an extra coffee station like you’d asked? Your wedding planner will make sure they did.

Wedding Day 

If you are curious about having a planner for your wedding or learning things you can do on your own, call Neha at Ask Neha Now for a complimentary consultation.

 Service Information

Ask Neha Now offers on demand consultations, day of coordination (which is really month of coordination), and full service planning. She does traditional white dress weddings as well as Indian and Multi-Cultural weddings.

 Location Information

Ask Neha Now is based in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut; and is also in Ohio. We service other areas as well, even as far as Singapore.


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